2015 Rising Phoenix FBB Pump Room (7 clips)

The FIRST Rising Phoenix World Championships!  Shot backstage in the Pump Room as the women prepare to hit the stage.

In this video: Isabelle Turell, Shawna Strong, Virginia Sanchez, Aleesha Young, Christine Envall, Alana Shipp, Helle Trevino, Yaxeni Oriquen, Rita Bello and others.  

This was originally released in the member's area in 7 parts in 2015 and is now being re-released into the MuscleAngels.com member's area.  

Attached to this order are 7 clips (not one long video) totaling 32 minutes and 1.37 GIG, so be prepared to download all 7 individual clips.  

Please DO NOT try to download directly to a mobile device, it will not work. Use a computer or laptop.


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