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  • Megan Abshire: Shirt Ripping

    Megan Abshire: Shirt Ripping    Megan pumps up her massive muscles using a rubber band - Then moves on and rips her shirt apart with raw female muscle power as if it were tissue paper...Then she continues pumping her huge mighty biceps with the rubber band...loads of thick, swelling biceps - A must see!
    3:20 min | .MP4 format | 151 MB


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  • Megan Abshire: Oil Glistening Muscles

    Megan Abshire: Glistening Muscles. Megan is out on the back deck sunning herself....applying oil and showing off her muscular body while she lounges in the sun. Megan looks absolutely luscious with nice slippery oil coating her massive curves.
    3:57 min |.MP4format | 180 MB

    For More Megan videos visit: MuscleAngels.com

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  • Lindsay Mulinazzi Shirt Destroyer 1

    Lindsay Mulinazzi Shirt Destroyer. Lindsay's muscles are tightly packed into a button down shirt...her arms stretch the fabric as she flexes. This shirt is too tight! She decides to rip it off her body and flex furiously.
    3:03 min | .MP4 format | 139 MB

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  • Lindsay Mulinazzi Shirt Destroyer II

    Lindsay Mulinazzi Shirt Destroyer II  Ironfire is flexing and pec bouncing aggressively; all this hard muscle flexing leads to ripping the tight t-shirt from her body....destroying the shirt to free her muscles to pump, flex and bounce some more!
    3:04 min | mp4 format | 139 MB  Lots of Lindsay on MuscleAngels.com

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  • Alina Popa Wet Shirt Tease and Rip

    Alina Popa Wet Shirt Tease and Rip. Massive and ripped Miss Popa...in the swimming pool teasing you with her wetness. Sensual sexy posing, rippling abs, tantalizing eye contact....topped off by her majestic 'most muscular' poses after she rips the shirt from her body. Luscious.
    4:39 min | mp4 format | 219 MB 

    For more of her please visit MuscleAngels.com        

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  • Marina: Sexy Legs 'With Some Biceps'

    Marina: Sexy Legs 'With Some Biceps'. Lean and sexy legs and calves...tight and hard; Marina shows off her gorgeous lower half. All over quad, hamstring, glute and calf posing in spiky sassy heels.....a little bicep posing at the end and a close up on her face finishes this video nicely.
    4:08 min | mp4 format | 191 MB 

    Lots of Marina in MuscleAngels.com

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  • Jodi Miller ~ Stylishly Flexed

    Elegant and stylish flexing by beautiful Jodi.  Her her best shape ever...ripped and muscular!!
    4:07 min | MP4 format | 182 MB

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  • Irene Andersen ~ Majestic Muscle

    Mighty Nordic Queen Irene flexes and peels her majestic muscle out of her fishnet...sexy!
    4:42 min | MP4 format | 207 MB | $4.50

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  • Kim Buck ~ Big & Ripped In Fishnet

    Kim performs a sensual muscle show for you. See her big sexy muscles push through her fishnet.

    4:33 min | MP4 format | 201 MB 

    LOTS of Kim on MuscleAngels.com

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  • Kristina Nicole majestic flexing

    Perfect muscular beauty with gorgeous thick thighs.... MuscleAngels.com we have lots of vids and pics including this one.

    4:17 mp4 189mb

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  • Mona Poursaleh hardcore most musculars

    Mona was is one of our favorite models...she's really cute and loves to hit those hardcore flexes!!!

    lots of Mona on: MuscleAngels.com

    4:00  .mp4  177mb

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  • Monique Jones upclose

    Closeups of her thick and ripped muscle detail...


    4:24  .mp4  131mb

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