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  • Aleesha Young ~ Flex Lounge

    Aleesha Young ~ Flex Lounge. Super hot Aleesha set to funky lounge music...all her signature moves at all angles. Pec bounces, bicep teases and an awesome booty 'shake and tease' segment that will send you running for a cold drink. Aleesha is one of the most muscular women in the world; don't miss this sexy video of her in hard competition shape.
    9:03 min | MP4 format | 493 MB  

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  • Brooke Walker ~ Physique Perfection

    Brooke Walker ~ Physique Perfection. Young, blonde and muscular. That says it all. Brook is a little muscle babe that has a snappy posing style that suits her cute looks. She's very well muscled with natural 'girl next door' looks...
    6:23 min | MP4 format | 282 MB 

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  • Alana Shipp ~ Magnificent Muscle Beauty

    Alana Shipp ~ Magnificent Muscle Beauty. Alana is a curvy, muscular and saucy Ebony goddess! Watch her as she moves gracefully displaying her muscle perfectly. Beautiful face, beautiful eyes and perfect from head to toe.
    6:21 min | MP4 format | 280 MB  

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  • Theresa Ivancik ~ Intensely Sensual Muscle

    Theresa Ivancik ~ Intensely Sensual Muscle. Theresa is reclining in lacy lingerie on the balcony....very sexy eye contact and seductive movements demonstrate her power in both muscle and beauty. 'This video is hot' is an understatement. Enjoy.
    11:23 min | MP4 format | 667 MB

    • $9.00
  • Irene Andersen ~ Muscle Dreams

    Irene Andersen ~ Muscle Dreams. Irene is a statuesque Nordic Amazon who is densely and maturely muscled...and beautiful. She flexes and poses perfectly showing her superior physique. Great all over posing video with the chest, biceps, back and vascular forearms as highlights.
    7:00 min | MP4 format | 410 MB  

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  • Jill Rudison ~ Muscular Curves

    Jill Rudison ~ Muscular Curves. Sexy green dress shows off Jill's voluptuous muscle curves....she poses for you showing off biceps, pecs and legs. The leg segment is juicy. If you are a leg, calf and foot fan this just may be one for you.
    12:08 min | MP4 format | 533 MB  

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  • Kris Murell ~ Spectacular Upper Body Flexing

    Kris Murell ~ Spectacular Upper Body Flexing: 2007 Remastered footage. From the Muscle Angels archives: re-edited and re-mastered for better quality, this is an awesome upper body display from another FBB gem. Kris is looking cute in a casual top and blue jean shorts...great display of arms! We then cut to her posing in the warm evening sun wearing a bikini: glistening with sweat covering her thick back and dripping down her abs she flexes proudly displaying arms, chest, back and abs. Wonderful video of Kris in her prime.
    6:05 min | MP4 format | 356 MB 

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  • Kristy Hawkins ~ Adorable Muscle Girl

    Kristy Hawkins ~ Adorable Muscle Girl: Remastered from our 2008 shoot after the Ms. International. Adorable is the perfect word to describe this beauty. Kristy is so muscular yet has a cute girl next door look. Sweet posing with Kristy in competition shape; she's a fan favorite. Nice long video, re-edited for better quality.
    9:12 min | MP4 format | 538 MB | $9.00 

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  • Elena Seiple ~ Oil and Flex

    Elena Seiple ~ Oil and Flex: remastered footage from 2008. Elena is in beautiful luscious shape here; first scene is of her oiling while reclining then standing and doing some flexing in the mirror. She's very cute here; muscular yet looking so fresh with smooth skin and a gorgeous face. Her biceps are totally to die for. Very nice footage we are proud to present once again, as this lady was one of the rare gems of Female Bodybuilding.
    7:07 min | MP4 format | 416 MB  

    • $6.00
  • Maria Segura ~ Totally Massive

    Maria Segura ~ Totally Massive. Maria has a degree of muscularity rarely seen; muscle seems to just explode from her body. In this video we have her going through her poses standing and then reclining for a special view of her amazing legs. Her chest, triceps and legs are her best body parts and are featured up front in this video. She's got huge arms, deep pecs and the leg show in this video is spectacular. Maria is an exotic beauty as well as one of the most muscular women in the world!
    9:19 min | MP4 format | 545 MB 

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  • Shannon Rabon ~ Fantasies in Fishnet

    Shannon Rabon ~ Fantasies in Fishnet. Sultry muscle posing with gorgeous blonde beauty, Shannon. Upper body flexes as well as long sexy leg poses. Hard and beautiful!!!
    5:54 min | MP4 format | 260 MB  

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  • BrandiMae ~ Very Sensual Muscle Show

    One of the most beautiful ladies in bodybuilding putting on a superbly sensual display of muscles. There's really no describing the mesmerizing qualities she exudes; she is nothing but breathtaking and enticing. VERY sexy!
    8:38 min | MP4 format | 377 MB

    • $8.00
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