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  • Megan Avalon 'Muscletalk in the Mirror'

    Megan Avalon  'Muscletalk in the Mirror' Muscle Barbie, Megan is seductively flexing her tight little hot bod while she talks about how sexy her muscles look.
    3:52 min | mp4 format | 175 MB  

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  • Kim Perez Simply Massive

    Kim Perez  Simply Massive  Ebony beauty Kim is in a reclining position showing off her muscles....unbelievable quad and glute/hamstring shots. Her leg hardness is just a preview for her thick slabs of chest...up close shots included. Kim's muscularity is unreal.
    4:23 min | mp4 format | 205 MB 

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  • Kashma Maharaj Exotic Full Body Flex

    Kashma Maharaj  Exotic Full Body Flex. Kashma is in superb contest shape in this video...hard and tanned; her skin glistening with a light touch of oil she poses every bodypart. This video is shot steadily; wide angle full body shots as well as zooms on everything. Set to music but not edited at all, she takes over and flows very nicely from pose to pose. Kashma is a perfect muscle beauty.
    7:25 min | mp4 format | 346 MB 

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    • $7.00
  • Marina Topless Tease and Flex

    Marina Topless Tease and Flex. Marina is flexing and showing off her amazing lean and hard upper body....she takes off her top and rubs lotion all over to make her beautiful pecs glisten. Some sexy flexing followed by a little water teasing as she continues her erotic muscle show.
    5:45 min | mp4 format | 267 MB

    • $6.00
  • Debi Laszewski Hardness part I

    Debi Laszewski Hardness part I. This video of Debi shows her sultry and mesmerizing beauty and hard lean muscles perfectly. All over flexing, wide angle and zoomed steady upper body shots with some intensely hot leg and foot scenes on the bed. Very Sexy.
    7:56 min | mp4 format | 367mb 

    Tons of Debi on MuscleAngels.com

    • $7.00
  • Marina: Sexy Legs 'With Some Biceps'

    Marina: Sexy Legs 'With Some Biceps'. Lean and sexy legs and calves...tight and hard; Marina shows off her gorgeous lower half. All over quad, hamstring, glute and calf posing in spiky sassy heels.....a little bicep posing at the end and a close up on her face finishes this video nicely.
    4:08 min | mp4 format | 191 MB 

    Lots of Marina in MuscleAngels.com

    • $4.00
  • Alina Popa ~ up close and personal with measurements

    Alina Popa ~ up close and personal with measurements: Alina is in superb contest shape, shot the day after the Ms. International competition where she placed 3rd. Fun up close and personal relaxed shoot featuring Alina talking to you and measuring her own muscles! This video shows her true personality as well as her true size...
    5:22 min | mp4 format | 251 MB 

    TONS of Alina on MuscleAngels.com

    • $5.00
  • Samantha and Marina ~ Sexy Girl-Muscle Comparisons

    Samantha and Marina ~ Sexy Girl-Muscle Comparisons. Samantha and Marina are at it again...sexy muscle comparisons in the bed; Samantha loves Marina's rock hardness and loves to feel and worship her muscular body.
    6:09 min | mp4 format | 289 MB  

    • $6.00
  • Jen and Megan: Wrestling part I

    Jen and Megan: Wrestling part I ~ This is B camera footage of a wrestling match previously posted on FemaleMuscleMovies.com...but this view was so unique that we wanted to use it as a totally separate video. Jen and Megan wrestle hard yet playfully, teasing and taunting each other with their strong bodies. Big beefy musclegirls having fun with their strength with all kinds of holds...see who submits at the end!
    9:05 min |  mp4 format | 416 MB

    • $8.00
  • Jen and Megan: Tussle, Kiss and Rough Play

    Jen and Megan: Tussle, Kiss and Rough Play. These two Muscle Girls are feeling a little naughty and frisky...playing with each other on the bed. Kissing, play wrestling, roughhousing around. This is 'B' cam footage of a video on FemaleMuscleMovies.com but a totally different camera angle.
    6:23 min | mp4 format | 293 MB  

    • $6.00
  • Tazzie Colomb Maximum Muscle

    Tazzie Colomb  Maximum Muscle    Tazzie is in vascular hard and ripped shape in this video; she stepped right off the bodybuilding stage and shot with us just a couple hours after competing. Her veins are bulging as she pumps and flexes...you can see every striation in her legs and glutes. This video features all over body flexes, closeups and wide angle shots; Tazzie is weighing over 160 lbs of rock hard female muscle.
    12:13 min | mp4 format | 553 MB

    TONS of Tazzie on MuscleAngels.com

    • $9.00
  • Jennifer Kennedy ~ Oiled and Hard

    Jennifer Kennedy ~ Oiled and Hard. Dripping wet with oil, super hard whole body flexing, pecbouncing and most musculars....Jenni is out in the sun striated and hard from competition just the day before. Very Sexy.
    5:43 min | mp4 format | 261 MB

    • $5.00
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