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  • Amber DeFrancesco: Physique Perfection

    Amber DeFrancesco: Physique Perfection. Amber is displaying the winning physique that earned her professional status in the IFBB...she is sheer perfection and displays it beautifully; sexily and elegantly flexing every body part. There are full body angles and closeups of ALL muscles in this video, as well as her beautiful shape and face. Amber's legs and calves are especially outstanding; deeply cut and separated yet full and curvy. This is one gorgeous muscle lady!
    7:25 min | .MP4 format | 336 MB

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  • Megan Abshire: Oil Glistening Muscles

    Megan Abshire: Glistening Muscles. Megan is out on the back deck sunning herself....applying oil and showing off her muscular body while she lounges in the sun. Megan looks absolutely luscious with nice slippery oil coating her massive curves.
    3:57 min |.MP4format | 180 MB

    For More Megan videos visit: MuscleAngels.com

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  • Alina Popa: Pre-Arnold 2011 posing practice

    Alina Popa: Pre-Arnold 2011 posing practice. Alina is in amazing shape and she has allowed us to film her just a few days before this HUGE professional bodybuilding event. Unbelievable shape, symmetry, proportion and beauty.... BIG ripped muscles and a sweet and friendly personality; watch Alina's behind the scenes posing practice up close and personal. If you can't go to the show in person, here she is....showing her contest form just for her fans!
    9:49 min | .MP4format | 310 MB  For tons of Alina videos and photos visit MuscleAngels.com

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  • Megan Avalon muscle talk

    Megan Avalon muscle talk "Barbie with Muscles" ~ She loves showing off her tight and sexy hardbody; all over sexy flexing, pec bouncing and teasing with seductive muscle talk.
    3:19 min | .MP4 format | 150 MB  For more of her please visit MuscleAngels.com        

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  • Katka Kyptova Hard Beauty

    Katka Kyptova ~ Hard Beauty. Katka's hardness, hypnotic beauty and sensual elegance shine brightly in this video; shot just one day before a huge competition so she is in very hard, tight condition. Katka moves gracefully, showing off every striation while stretching and flexing her muscular body. Powerful chest striations...very sexy abdominal closeups...enticing leg stretching and flexing. So gorgeous.
    9:32 min | .MP4 format | 435 MB  For lots of Katka videos go to MuscleAngels.com

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  • Marina & Elisa 'Girls Night Out'

    Marina & Elisa 'Girls Night Out': Two musclegirls getting ready to go out on the town...they carefully choose racy outfits that show off their muscles. These two are hot and they know it...they want to turn heads and impress the guys with their hard curves. Lots of muscle talk...hot outfits...luscious muscle; they dare each other to get even sexier by taking off their bras under their already skimpy dresses....are these outfits too see-through to go out on the town? The answer is: yes.
    4:55 min | .MP4 format | 223 MB

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  • Raquel and Reign: He's Mine!

    'He's MINE!' ~ Two musclegirls, Raquel and Reign, are down in the basement getting a little workout in. Reign invites her young admirer, Chris, over to hang out and watch them work out. When Raquel gets a look at timid little Chris she can't help but flirt with him. These two girlfriends turn catty over the presence of this young man and compete for his attention by flexing and pumping their muscles in his face. Chris gets nervous over their spatting back and forth and announces that he needs to leave...so Raquel announces that SHE is going with him! Reign gets pissed and the two girls go at each other in scrappy hand to hand wrestling...just to see which cougar gets the cub.
    12:58 min | .MP4 format | 411 MB

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  • Roberta Tuor-Zazzaron: Huge Swiss Muscle

    Roberta Tuor-Zazzaron: Huge Swiss Muscle. Roberta is posing for us in her home gym just one week before her pro competition. Ripped EXTREMELY muscular condition...posing and flexing in a hot and sexy outfit immediately after her workout so she's super pumped too. Awesome.
    9:19 min | .MP4 format | 420 MB

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  • Alina Popa: Amazing Alina

    Alina Popa "Amazing Alina": This footage of Alina in contest shape in nice natural light and in the hottest outfit imaginable is nothing short of amazing. Alina is absolutely breathtaking...super upper body as well as unbelievable leg/glute footage of this muscle beauty displaying her perfection.
    9:45 min | .MP4 format | 442 MB

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  • Megan Avalon : Barbie's Butt Tease

    Megan Avalon ~ Barbie's Butt Tease. 'Barbie with Muscles' oils up and talks about her muscles..she shows off and teases with her sexy muscular curves and invites you to take a nice close look at her firm tight round glutes. Super yummy.
    6:09 min | .MP4 format | 281 MB

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  • Alina Popa Muscle Worship Photo Session

    Alina Popa ~ Muscle Worship Photo Session. Annie is photographing Alina and is seriously enthralled by her stunning muscles....and beauty. She literally gets giddy and all overheated over Alina's beautiful body and drops to her knees to worship her. So, this is a real scene caught on video....Annie asked her assistant to film the photo shoot and before you know it she was worshiping and not shooting! Authentic muscle admiration.
    7:50 min | .MP4format | 281 MB

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  • Milinda and Samantha : Sensual Shirt Rip

    Milinda and Samantha ~ Sensual Shirt Rip. Milinda is astride Samantha....showing her power and dominance in a very sexy muscle display. Samantha is in awe and lust of her muscles and Milinda blows her mind with a powerful shirt rip and flexing show...
    6:25 min | .MP4format | 290 MB 

    For more videos with Milinda go to MuscleAngels.com         

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