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  • R A G E Part III Starring Aleesha Young, Annie Rivieccio and Rachael McMillian

    R A G E Part III Starring Aleesha Young, Annie Rivieccio and Rachael McMillian. Part two of a three part series. A story about how jealousy and lust between these three women spirals out of control.
    7:34 min | .MP4 format | 292 MB

    • $7.00
  • Raquel and Reign: He's Mine!

    'He's MINE!' ~ Two musclegirls, Raquel and Reign, are down in the basement getting a little workout in. Reign invites her young admirer, Chris, over to hang out and watch them work out. When Raquel gets a look at timid little Chris she can't help but flirt with him. These two girlfriends turn catty over the presence of this young man and compete for his attention by flexing and pumping their muscles in his face. Chris gets nervous over their spatting back and forth and announces that he needs to leave...so Raquel announces that SHE is going with him! Reign gets pissed and the two girls go at each other in scrappy hand to hand wrestling...just to see which cougar gets the cub.
    12:58 min | .MP4 format | 411 MB

    • $10.00
  • Jen and Megan: Wrestling part I

    Jen and Megan: Wrestling part I ~ This is B camera footage of a wrestling match previously posted on FemaleMuscleMovies.com...but this view was so unique that we wanted to use it as a totally separate video. Jen and Megan wrestle hard yet playfully, teasing and taunting each other with their strong bodies. Big beefy musclegirls having fun with their strength with all kinds of holds...see who submits at the end!
    9:05 min |  mp4 format | 416 MB

    • $8.00
  • Jen and Megan: Tussle, Kiss and Rough Play

    Jen and Megan: Tussle, Kiss and Rough Play. These two Muscle Girls are feeling a little naughty and frisky...playing with each other on the bed. Kissing, play wrestling, roughhousing around. This is 'B' cam footage of a video on FemaleMuscleMovies.com but a totally different camera angle.
    6:23 min | mp4 format | 293 MB  

    • $6.00
  • Reign and Eric: "Reign's new boytoy"

    Reign and Eric: "Reign's new boytoy". Reign has a new little friend who discovered Female Muscle just recently...he is so excited to come over just to feel her strength, see her muscles and of course compare his own nerdy weak male body to her hard strong female body. He's like a kid in a candy shop wanting to try all kinds of stuff just to feel her power: Comparisons, Hand to Hand mercy and Arm Wrestling....he's forced to kiss her arms at the end. He'll be back for more.
    6:59 min | mp4 format | 217 MB  

    More content of Reign and Eric in femaleMUSCLEmovies.com

    • $6.00
  • Jen Abshire in Stalker

    Just look at the thumbnails and you'll see what's gonna happen:  This guy stalks poor Jen all over the hotel and gets what he deserves in the end....

    This was in the former clip store and has now been added here.  

    This video is also in the MuscleAngels.com member's area.

    12:11 mp4 537mb

    • $8.00
  • Janeen and James arm wrestling and comparisons

    Video from femaleMUSCLEmovies.com also in the MuscleAngels.com member's area.  Janeen has fun emasculating poor James mainly with arm wrestling but also some comparisons. 

    5:34  .mp4  180 mb

    • $5.00
  • Annie vs. Pete strength challenge

    This video is IN PARTS on femaleMUSCLEmovies.com and will be available in parts also on MuscleAngels.com

    Here is the full 20 minute version.  

    Arm wrestling, forced muscle worship, lift and carry belly punching and hand to hand wrestling!

    20:06  .mp4  601mb.

    • $14.00
  • Tamara Makar arm wrestling iron bending compilation

    Tamara is a mature hard muscle gal who really likes to have fun showing off a bit!  She has a good time taunting James with an Arm Wrestling match and makes him worship those arms after she's beaten him....next clip is Tamara making short work of an Iron Bar!  She bends it, throws it down and then shows off her hard muscles with bicep flexes and most musculars!

    These clips are in the MuscleAngels.com and available here as a single download.  For ALL these clips go to MuscleAngels for downloads as well as mobile friendly content.  Watch all videos right in your browser there!

    6:28  .mp4  204mb.

    • $5.00